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Working the Gusset
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If you're still trying to master short rows and would like a simpler way than what's commonly taught in America, I found German short rows very very easy: and

By the way, it's much easier to do seed stitch if you DON'T have to follow a written pattern. As Sue said, you can figure out what comes next by remembering that you put a knit stitch on top of a purl stitch and a purl stitch on top of a knit stitch.

When working seed stitch, I've noticed that sometimes the knit stitches can look like purl stitches (i.e., they can seem to have a bump on the side facing you). If you have trouble determining whether it's a knit or a purl stitch you're getting ready to work, it helps to pull the stitch down from the needle a bit. Then you can clearly see what it is.

Are you using bulky yarn for this? If so, you might want to practice seed stitch using light-colored worsted weight yarn. That may help you understand the pattern and recognize the stitches.
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