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yarn substitution
Hello all,
I am hoping a more experienced knitter than I can give me advice on a yarn substitution. I want to knit the Shibui Mix No. 1 sweater. The pattern calls for two Shibui yarns held together, and while they are beautiful yarns this is my first sweater and I don't want to spend that much on yarn. But I've looked at hundreds of patterns and I really like the cut and style of this one. So I am thinking I can use a different, single yarn, as long as I gauge it correctly, right?
The yarns they use are a worsted weight and a lace weight held together and the gauge is 14 st/ 4 inches. So is it safe to say that I should be able to use a slightly thicker single yarn, like bulky i guess, and maybe adjust needle size to achieve 14 st/ 4 inches?
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