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Originally Posted by mdoohan View Post
So, as long as the swatch gauges right and I like the resulting fabric, I shouldn't worry about using a totally different yarn? The result will be sort of a version of the same in different fabric? That's great, very helpful.
Thank you both!
Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
The only other thing to keep in mind is that when you use a yarn that is different it may affect the way the fabric looks. I rarely use the suggested yarn and I usually like it just fine and sometimes more. You're gauge swatch will give you an example.
I never seem to use the yarn suggested for the pattern. I have found that a springier, stretchier yarn can affect the fit and I often should use a smaller size to allow for needing less ease in the garment. This I've learned the hard way and understand why a little better because ArtLady explained it in another thread...I'd link to it but I don't recall which one it was.
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