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MGM, I was very skeptical and wouldn't order as the only ones I'd seen were rather more expensive. I haven't actually started a project but I did do some fdc and a few rows and was really amazed at how easy it was to hold. It feels a little awkward, but as with anything, getting used to a different way of doing it takes time. I didn't need grip it so much as just hold lightly. I'd say if you can get one locally where it's easy to return...that's why I was willing to buy it at Walmart...give it a try. The handle feels kind of rubbery, soft yet firm. I think that it will help me. My problem is my hands stiffen up so much they hurt and I just don't know when to quit. I'm going to have to try it with somehting a bit more involved than just dc though. If you try one, let me know what you think. My DD is interested in trying it, I hope we can get together soon for her to do so. She is the one I've been looking to buy one for. I'll keep mine. If she likes it, she'll get her own. Added bonus: you'd only need one and you can change the hooks. I think keeping the washer adapters on the hooks will be the best way to keep from losing them and they'll last longer with less wear and tear removing and replacing them. The smallest fits B through D and would have to be changed from one to another but I rarely would use smaller than F, smaller than D is even more unusual.
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