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WIP: Mitered Squares Wrap, progress!
I recently viewed Series 100/Episode 105 of the KDTV show.
In Episode 105, a really nice stashbuster scarf/wrap was demonstrated.

So I have had some yarn for ages...which I bought for a striped pullover (Happy)...but lost interest in. Since the different colors were just 2 hanks each...I didn't really know what to do with them until watching show 105!

Here is my progress so far. It is 2 rows of blocks so far...but in the end, it's supposed to be 12 rows tall.

My piece is measuring 14" wide, and 9" tall, unblocked. I will definitely fully soak the finished piece, and block it out to a greater width...but not sure how wide. Depends on what the stitches want to do. I wouldn't mind if it blocked out to 20" wide.

Each step of this project is equally challenging:
1) planning what color will go where
2) carefully picking up the stitches for the next block so that you don't get a zig-zag "seam-line"
3) keeping track of where you're at!
4) weaving in all the ends before moving on to the next block

There is no "seaming" for this project, due to the fact that all stitches are 'picked up' off the previous block. Sometimes, you pick up 24 along the previous block, and then cast on 24 stitches so that you have 48 on your needle. (24 are for one side, 24 are for the 'around the corner' side)

Here is a link to my Ravelry project page.
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