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Armwarmers with Thumbs, Confused!!!
OK, so I have knit in the round so that the right side is facing inwards and have got to the bit where I need to make the hole for the thumb.

The pattern reads as follows:

patt 15, slip 6 onto stitch holder, patt 9- I did this bit, it's the next one that is confusing me...

patt 15, cast on 6, patt 9...

So I did patt 15 and cast on 6 but I am confused how am I supposed to patt the last 9?

I will try to illustrate below... My yarn (y) is at the end of the cast on sts (-), which are to the right hand side of the sts I want to knit (x), so how do I get the yarn back to the sts I want to knit (x)?


It's so confusing I am struggling even to articulate the reason for my confusion!!!!
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