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Thank you so very much, Antares.

I will say, the plethora of needles in my future may be better than scalpels or other options, but they don't exactly fill me with ecstasy at the thought.

As soon as my insurance signs off on the doctor's proposed treatment plan (or I come up with the cash out of pocket) he wants to put me on:
1)Vitamin A IV treatments 1/mo
2) Chelation therapy 1/mo
3) Hormone injections (daily)
and a couple others I didn't catch the details for.

The reason I feel bad is because I had just committed to doing some work with the oddball pet blankets when it happened. I feel like I abandoned a good cause as much as I abandoned my family. (How's that for a poster perfect example of Catholic guilt?)

I'm already on inversion therapy and he's trying some light physical therapy.

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