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The elongination was just a continuation of the pattern. I can not exactly recall what went differently where, but I think I could do it again - Not really by looking at the pattern, but rather by looking at the cables and what to do to make them go in a certain direction I feel very experienced now :rotfl:

It is one inch longer now:

And that's it - time to sew it all together...
To be continued

BTW It is well past the due date now (and not quite finished ). I have given the present on Saturday night - just the knitting and sewing together was done - accompanied with a poem (as is the custom) about how I wanted to confer with the recipient about certain details of the bag . She pretended to fall for it, but of course my sister knows that I just missed my deadline. She made hers, I got the cutest hat .

However, I am not so far in this thread yet, as I want to make a record of all that I've done - so anybody else who makes this bag will know what to watch out for. I hope...
And I still think the picture is deceiving
It seems so easy...
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