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2nd Sock, I Rock
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From the Lifestyle Toe-up Sock page
Not a pattern, but a lifestyle
OMG Truth in advertising?

I knit wearable socks. Right now I'm making pink ones. I had a pair of candy pink socks that I wore on days when I felt like my day needed something....I called them pink sock days. They wore out and I finally decided to make some. I'm using Sock Ease lollipop yarn. I think it's lollipop...looks more like bubblegum to me. I have long feet, with really long toes that are hard to fit and finding socks I like is almost as hard as finding shoes that fit so I had to learn to make them myself. OK, to be honest, any excuse will do. I think my next pair will be in grape soda and if I have any pink left I might just mix them together.
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