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Originally Posted by Marina1109 View Post
I had no idea I knit "Russian style"
A German friend of mine taught me to knit a few yrs back.

Up until recently I have been watching knitting YouTube videos as well as other instructional videos. I could not find anything thing that resembled my kind of knitting style until a few minutes ago that the Russian style was mentioned, I clicked on the link given and I KNIT Russian style.

Thanks for posting the links!!
When I first tried learning to knit I simply couldn't do it. The only instructions I could find were for English throwing. I wanted to throw yarn alright! I started trying to do it more like crochet and decided I could do it that way. It wasn't until I got to watch videos online that I found out it's a "legitimate" way to knit and it's called Continental. Funny, it shouldn't matter if we do it "right" or "wrong" as long as it works but I have it in my head that I must do it "right" and can't get rid of it entirely. It is nice to know someone else does it the same way. I have since gotten so I can make knit stitches English but the purl still eludes me. And I read on here and other places how hard it is to purl Continental! Thank goodness there are no knitting police and if it works, it works.
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