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Good afternoon, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself. I am 38 years old and going to start up knitting. My Grandmother was AMAZING at both crochet and knitting, but never got around to teaching me the later. I can still crochet, but I want to learn how to knit.

I remember how she taught me to crochet....she gave me some yarn and a big hook and let me make a chain for about a week, then we moved onto the next stitch. Each week we moved onto a different stitch until I was comfortable.

Now I haven't picked up anything but cross stitch in about 10 years, but I figure why not give it a try. So, I am going to start my casting for about a week, knit stitch another, purl another, etc. I figure I would go down the steps/stitches on this website until I felt comfortable, then try for a simple project.

From the patterns on this site, which scarf do you recommend I try first for my ultra beginner project? I haven't hit up the craft store, bu that is going to be tomorrow or the next day, so I welcome all suggestion for yarn and needles too. Any advice is welcomed and appreciated!

Thank you,
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