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Search for a Collar Scarf
A while ago I saw a collar scarf - is that a dictionary word? - and I really liked that idea. I have long scarves and love bulky ones but it might be useful sometimes to have one that actually fits underneath my jacket.

As an example:
pink ribbed
Cute, but the flowery button might get in the way
Great and I think I could reproduce this somewhat - one big cable (1/4th of the width) and moss stitch on either side (1/4th and 2/4th).

However, before I start I would like to see "the original" again. The picture that made me aware of these kind of scarfs. I think I saw it on this forum, but I can not find it again in the pattern-thread or the whatchaknitting-thread. I can not find the right keywords to make the search-function work either.
I think the person that posted this scarf intended to make it longer, but found 3 beautiful buttons and just went for a short one in the end. It was cabled, but more and more subtle ones than the one on the picture I posted in here. I think it was some blue or green colour. It was really a great scarf

I hope this rings a bell with somebody. It is like a tune that is stuck in my head, but the song just does not come out

Thanks in advance, for anybody that takes the time to think about what I might mean. I know I am being vague.
It seems so easy...
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