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Been lurking here for a few months since a friend at work pointed me to this site and finally decided to register. Started learning to knit last March from my girlfriend who does this for a living (and is utterly amazing -- and knits really well too). We'd been together almost 2 years and I'd always been intrigued by what she did, but it took a "community project" (ahem) to actually get me to pick up the needles myself. Fortunately in addition to being a world-class knitter and crocheter, she's also incredibly patient. Me, I'm just stubborn, which in this case was a passable substitute. My first project was positively humbling. I never had the idea that it would be easy, but I did NOT expect it to be as hard as it was. Fortunately it didn't stay that way, or I might have abandoned the whole venture.

Given my late entry into the knitting realm (at the age of 52) I probably won't ever develop the kind of proficiency I'd like, but I'm okay with that. I can still surprise people with knitted chickens and so forth. ;-)
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