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Originally Posted by egl View Post
My name is Liz, and as a beginner in the knitting world, I am semi proud to say I just finished a sweater for my roommate, but it is in pieces and I am not understanding the neck instructions.
Has any one heard of the book "Teach yourself to Knit" by Evie Rosen? my sister gave it to me years ago with some yarn to learn to knit, and to make the scarf in the book, once got the hang of it, I was ok. Now I am hooked on knitting. I wanted to do the sweater for my roommate and found a nice purple ( her favorite color) and had dropped so many stitches doing the sleeves I ended up probably redoing both 1000x's, but now to assemble (the book case).
Any help is welcome, thanks,
Hi egl and welcome! Why don't you post a few lines of the neck instructions (not the whole pattern) and let us know what in particular you're not understanding. Probably starting a new thread in the "How to" forum will get more answers to your questions.
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