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Grafting the Toe
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Thanks everybody for the recent comments. I missed the alert that I had a comment and when I finally saw it today I had several .

With bobbles Too!! Shoot...they make me cringe....
I was wondering in what way bobbles made you cringe? My youngest daughter (over 30 now) wanted bobbles left off of the similar sweater I made for her. She said they always made her think of old ladies. Of course, I disagree with that assessment but I think I qualify anyhow. You can't argue against someones take on style. I don't think we understand ourselves why we like one thing and not another and I don't get offended over the tastes of others.

I made my bobbles smaller than the pattern said to and put them between the leaves instead of right over them and, of course, their sweater was all one color. I don't mind making bobbles but all that turning back and forth is a pain. This time I knitted back backwards instead of turning to purl back, much easier.
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