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I need a hat to go with a scarf....suggestions?
I finally decided my to bind off my seeded rib scarf worked in Red Heart With Love, Berry Red. I'm not sure whether a) I really decided it was long enough, b) I still have enough yarn to do something else, c) I just got tired of it, or d) any and/or all or none of the above.

I want a hat to go with it and I am thinking of working whatever multiple of the rib pattern for the width of the band that will make the lower edge of the hat and then join the ends which will have the ribs going around the head...would that look odd?... because I want it to actually match the rib patten in the scarf w/o it being stretched and there is plenty of stretch lengthwise. That part I'm OK with, what I am not sure of is how to add the top of the hat. Would it work to pick up and knit in the round once the band is done? I'm also wondering what kind of top would work best, I'm not really fond of a beanie type, I'd like something with a little...shape?... something more. I still have to look at ravelry to see if I can find something similar to figure it out. Suggestions on what to look at are also welcome.
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