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Help to make hat pattern smaller.
I haven't knitted in many many years and recently made a neck warmer for my new coat. Now I want to make a matching hat.
I found a pattern but it called for 108 CO with a gauge of 11 stitches = 4 inches. That would give me a circumference of 36 inches....right?
Well, that is definitely NOT my hat size. I find that 64 CO would be better but now I have to adjust the pattern to fit.
I found this site that gives me the meaning of the abbreviations and even videos to demonstrate. Great site, thank you!
Is there anyone out there who can help me adjust the following?

The hat I want to make it the purple one on the right. The instructions are on the last and next to last page of this PDF.

I am using a chunky weight yarn and size 11 needles. It gives me a gauge of 12 stitches = 4 inches.

Is there anything more you need to know to help me?
I'd really like to get it finished before the end of the month.

Oh, yes, it does NOT say it is circular needles so I am using straight ones.
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