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Well played hobby lobby...well played
So I was at my local hobby yesterday in search of some basic worsted acrylic for a baby blanket. I tend to use Caron simply soft or I love this yarn…I was standing in front I what I thought was just the CSS…i found some in a color that would be perfect for the pattern I had in mine so I reached to grab it…as I went to put it in my basket I was shocked to see that what I had grabbed was not at all CSS but a hobby lobby line called yarn bee soft secret! I of course put it back as I am not a fan of the yarn bee line. The skein looked identical to CSS and the yarn itself looked identical! It has the same feel and sheen that we have come to expect from CSS. I’m sure they placed it in the same section as the CSS do to the identical similarities….well played hobby lobby…thought you could outsmart me…not this time!
This post is basically to let you all know that if you go to hobby lobby to get some CSS be warned of the soft secret and pay attention to the label!
Also, I was able to find the color I was looking for in I love this yarn! Woo hoo!!!
OTH: ripple afghan for husband and a couple different baby blankets!

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