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Odd, Rude, or Both?
Have you ever had someone who, when you show her a garment you've made for yourself, she tries it on to see if it fits HER? My MIL does this, and it drives me nuts! Then when I do make her something, she doesn't seem to like it very much.

And is it common (not to mention polite) for people to ask you to make them something that you've made for yourself? No one offers to buy yarn or to pay for anything--ever.

I suppose this is a mega display of poor Christmas spirit, but it makes me not want to wear my knitted and crocheted clothes in public.

My MIL paints, and I don't go around asking for her paintings, nor do I hold her artwork up to my walls to see how good it looks there. I don't ask for her stuff, period. If she wants to give it to me, I gladly accept it, but I don't expect it of her. And I often offer to pay her.

I think from now on if people start asking me to make them something, my standard reply will be: "Are you going to buy the yarn?"
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