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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Have you ever had someone who, when you show her a garment you've made for yourself, she tries it on to see if it fits HER? My MIL does this, and it drives me nuts!
She's your MIL; she's supposed to drive you nuts. It's in the job description.

To answer the title question, Odd? Definitely. Rude? Mmm... "rude" is as much a perception as it is anything. I suspect she doesn't see it that way, so perhaps "oblivious" is a better way of describing it.

As for the requests... THAT'S rude. in more ways than one. To me it's saying that your time is less valuable somehow or that what you have to do is less important. And that's not OK. I think you'll find that "Sure, go get some yarn you like that'll work with this pattern and I'll work it in when I finish [insert your priority queue here]" will derail most of those. The ones it doesn't, if nothing else you're not on the hook for the yam.
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