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Originally Posted by knitcindy View Post
This happens to me all the time!! Last week I was wearing a poncho I'd knit and someone asked me if I could knit her one!! I told her, "If you pay me $50 for it." Well, her response was "That's too much".

Let me tell you, that is NOT too much for this poncho!!!

I have fixed prices in my mind for things I've made and wear so that whenever anybody asks me, I can give them the price right there!! While I would LOVE to knit for others and get paid for it, not too many people have taken me up on my offer. Hand made things do take a lot of work and are MUCH better than what you find at your local store, but I think people just look at the price and not the amount of work involved!

Anyway, that's what I do when someone asks me to knit them something.

At $50, she was getting a STEAL of a deal, I'd say. The problem is you weren't charging enough. That's a $200 + yarn job, easy.

My girlfriend knits/crochets for a living. She works through a local yarn store doing custom work, finishing and repairs. And she said recently that she almost never has any complaints about her prices. When we first met and she told me what she got for a Christmas stocking my initial reflex was "Wow! That's a lotta cake for a Christmas stocking." I was glad I didn't say it out loud because then I worked it out by the hour and figured out she was probably making less than minimum wage.

It's really a simple equation: Custom costs more. If you want an off the rack job that you can buy for $50, go to Stein Mart or wherever and get one. You want an original, be prepared to pay more for it. It's no different than buying a Morgan 4/4 instead of a Honda Civic.
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