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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
A blue ribbon chicken. I saw that one or one very much like it but not with a blue ribbon. Did you see this thread? Chickens may seem a bit odd but that's just bizarre. I'm thinking I might try a chicken....someday. Do you intend to do more?
I did see the Sasquatch Man Cozy... jeez! That's a lot of stash.

I've already done another chicken, but it was my own design and looked nothing like these two. As soon as I can get a decent photo of it I'll post it. As for future knit poultry, who can say? They're definitely a niche item. A friend at work who knits and crochets says I should mount an exhibit. I'm not sure how much interest there would be for a knit chicken show. But then again, I wouldn't have thought this would work either:

We HAD to go see this show. I mean, c'mon... a tractor cozy?? Never mind that, a building cozy! Once you know about that you HAVE to see it. It's a rule. Fortunately the gallery is only a mile or so from where I work.
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