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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
What a beautiful poncho, Cindy! I'd say it's worth at least $100! Maybe you should go up on your prices!

Good idea that--quoting the price to people (yarn + labor + headaches), but it's difficult to do with family. Still, a worthy idea and one I'll adopt in certain situations (but my prices will be over the top since I don't want to knit for strangers).
Heh... I think you'd be undercharging by at least half at $100... but I guess it depends on circumstances.

When Wendy knits for family/friends it's usually because there's some occasion for it. Once in a while somebody will ask her to work something in for them, but never without at LEAST offering to buy the yarn. I guess because everybody we know is aware that this is what she does for a living and we wouldn't ask a dentist friend for a free root canal... or whatever.
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