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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
I wouldn't call it 'bait and switch', that's when stores advertise one item and it's not available so they offer another at a higher (not the same) price. HL has been doing this for years, as they introduce their own versions of other brand's lines, placing them in the same section or next to the other brand. I don't see it as sneaky or deceptive. Target and other stores place their house brand equivilants of health care products right next to the national brands so you can compare them and the prices.
I rarely shop at Target either ...

"Bait-and-switch" might have been the wrong term to apply. And yes, even supermarket chains have their house brand green beans next to the Jolly Green Giant ones. But it's usually accompanied by a brightly colored "LOOK! COMPARE!! SAVE!!!", which doesn't sound like what happened here.

I've got a whole other complaint with HL that probably colors my perception of them. But it has nothing to do with yarn, so it'd be OT to get into it here. So I buy local since I have that option available. Some folks don't, as the OP pointed out.
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