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Originally Posted by allthegoodnamesweretaken View Post
Hi! I just started knitting a few weeks ago. I seemed to pick up the basic knit and purl quickly, so I decided to move onto a ribbed scarf. I found several patterns online that called for a knit 2 purl 2, repeating until the end of the scarf. I started with a long tail cast on and I do slip the first stitch to help manage the edges. I count the first slip stitch as a knit then knit one more and continue with the pattern. At the beginning of my scarf I can see where the ribbed pattern was showing. Now it just looks like a jumbled mess. Any suggestion on what I might be doing wrong?
Mmm... maybe. The first time I tried ribbing I just dived into it without really knowing how to do it, and as a result I left out a pretty basic (and as it turns out, important) step. when you go from knit to purl or purl to knit in the middle of a row, you have to take the yarn from back to front, or front to back (depending on which switch you're doing). If you don't, then you wind up with the working yarn on the wrong side of the work which... could turn into a jumbled mess pretty quickly.

If you're gong from knit to purl, pull the working yarn between the needles before your first purl stitch. If you're going from purl to knit, pull the working yarn between the needles to the back side before your first knit stitch.

When you change from knit to purl at the end of a row, this sort of happens automatically when you turn the work over, but you have to do it yourself when you switch in the middle.

Hope that helps.
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