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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
From my POV, if I give something to someone and they offer to pay for it, it's like a slap in the face. When I give a gift I expect nothing in return.
Sorry to be unclear. I don't offer to pay for gifts she's giving me as that would be insulting. What I meant is that when someone in my family wants some of her artwork, I always buy it from her (even though she tries to give it to me to give to them). I only left out a few minor details!

I completely understand that she appreciates what I make, but I still think it's rude for someone to grab something up you're showing them and try it on while saying, "Oh, darn, this doesn't fit me!" in a sad, disappointed way.

Of course it doesn't fit you, silly! I made it for ME!

I think it's the presumptuous insinuation that rubs me the wrong way. No doubt she thinks she's being funny, but I'm not amused.

As I said, I'm not grabbing up her artwork saying things like, "Oh darn, this won't fit over the buffet table." I don't say things like that because I don't ASSUME everything (or really, anything) she paints is for me!
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