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I took classes from a Swedish designer back in 2004...a Knitter's Cruise, Inside Passage, Alaska.
In the class, she did some lecturing, and included this interesting point:

It's been found that knitting actually helps sort out and reorganize the disarray inside our brains! The actual act of knitting is like a Magic Maid who comes into your messy kitchen while you sleep, and puts everything strewn all over the counters neatly back where they belong. When you awaken...VOILA!...everything back in its place. Neat. Organized. Peace restored.

If you are a computer person, here is a good comparison: knitting is to our brain as a "disk defrag" is to our computer. Reorganization!

Honestly, while we knit...our Magic Maid is cleaning up the messy kitchens in our mind!

So when we say that knitting is therapeutic...we really are saying something!

Is knitting addictive? Well, we all like to feel good...and if knitting restores orderliness to our minds and brains...we feel good, don't we? Who wouldn't be addicted to feeling good?
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