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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
This is an interesting discussion. All I can say is that I've never used DPNs on a hat, ML makes them unnecessary.
I've never used DPNs for anything except I-cord and occasionally working something flat. I learned ML and didn't see the need to go through the pain of having all those potential dropped needle disasters. But if you read most patterns that have any small-diameter instructions (hats included), they almost always assume you're using DPNs. My theory is that people were using DPNs since the Stone Age, or at least before circular needles were invented. And as a result, that's the technique that grandma and great grandma and great-great grandma used, so that's what you learned from ma. And if it works for ya, there's no reason NOT to use it. I've just never seen the advantage of using 4 or 5 needles to do a job I can do with 2.

As for the top down v. bottom up discussion, it's kinda the same thing. Do what works. I'm just curious why the majority seem to go from the bottom up. Either way, if your gauge is off your size is going to be off, and it seems to me that if that happens it's a lot easier to fix it if you can work from the big end. In fact, a lot of times just a tweak in the bind off will do the job -- especially if it's a tick to snug (less likely if it's a tick too loose).

Nonetheless, most patterns seem to follow the bottom-up convention, so I s'pose I'll have to make peace with it or figure out a reliable way to convert them. If there's not a lot of complicated pattern stitches, that's usually not too bad. But if there's abunch of decreasing cables and so on... well that's probably beyond my skill level anyway at this point. ;-)
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