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And if it works for ya, there's no reason NOT to use it.

I only have dpn in smaller sizes, I've even done I cord on circs but wouldn't recommend it. I do socks toe up and can't figure why it's not the standard way to do socks, but as you say if it works for you that's all that matters. Top down sweaters worked in the round are so much easier than working pieces and then seaming, too. I think I've seen patterns for raglan sweaters worked bottom up and instead of inc for sleeves work dec when you get there. I'm a klutz and drop things easily so lots of dpns get to be a pain really fast for me. I have a set of dpns for socks on order and they could arrive any time now, I may venture into dpn in the round on my sock tops, I'm using sz 0 and have 00 dpn on their way which may just be the thing for ribbing the top. If I can manage them.
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