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the dreaded divide for VEE NECK
OK - so it's been a while, but I've been busy and actually finished the green vest is was talking about when I was last here - it's wonderful, though the weather's too warm to wear it here now.

So, I'm now well into my second vest, this is a Vee Neck Cable Vest (no buttons, thank god).

I've completed the BACK,

I've completed the FRONT, up to the point where the pattern says

(Shape Armholes - which was basically casting off 8 sts at either end (keeping the cable pattern correct)).

and now I come to DIVIDE FOR VEE NECK -

1st row - K2tog, K35, P6 C4F, P3, TURN. Cont on these 49 sts.

And it's the "Cont on these 49 sts" that puzzles me ... so I turn my knitting around and head back to where I came from BUT do I knit the knit sts and purl the purl ones??
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