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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You should cruise through the Ravelry pattern database - you can filter on hats and top down. I think you'll be surprised at the results, including cabled hats.

Decreasing bottom up in cables wouldn't be more difficult than increasing top down. You can do the incs/decs in the purl columns between the cables where they show the least.
In the patterns I'm talking about the decreases are in the cables themselves. Like this one (which I like a lot, but probably won't attempt any time soon):

Reversing the directions to go from the top instead of the bottom really isn't the issue here. no matter which way you go, this pattern is probably a little beyond my current skill level. That'll change, I'm sure (because until a few months ago making cloth from string with sticks was all some kind of strange alchemy to me) but for now I think I'll sit that one out. Besides, you gotta have a goal, right?
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