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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
That's a really neat looking hat. I particularly like the tiny cables between the big ones. I saw your other post about how to make these. It does seem confusing, but as you say, maybe it makes more sense when you're doing it.

Actually normal cables aren't difficult and changing the size of your cables isn't very complicated. Keeping track of where you are in the pattern might get a little tricky, but if you can knit, you can cable.

Besides, I saw your lovely chickens on the Whatcha' Knittin'? forum, and if you can do that, you can do just about anything with "string" and those two sticks.

I say give it a try!
Oh I'll definitely try it at some point. I like the pattern far too well not to. And besides, I can't get myself in to more (knitting) trouble than my Yoda can get me out of. (She's so good to me!)

I understand the basic method for cables, and it (mostly) makes sense I just don't have any significant practice in it. That's about to change though. Wendy (Yoda) and I are heading to Nags Head (on NC's beautiful Outer Banks) for a long New Year's weekend, during which time I will get intensive cable training.

The chickens were fun and instructive but only a short jump from the Very Basic Skill Set. Definitely no complicated pattern stitches (actually no pattern stitches at all... just stockinette and garter and a little bit of I-cord).
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