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Originally Posted by italiangal50 View Post
I am looking for yarns that do not split and is machine washable and dryable, can someone help me? thanks
There is no yarn that will not split. (Sorry to disappoint, but it's true.)

That said, my "go to" yarn is Plymouth Select Superwash Merino, and one of the major reasons I like it so well is that it's very difficult to split (even for me, and I could split tungsten steel cable). It's machine washable (cold water!), and if you're careful you can probably tumble dry it on a no-heat setting. It won't felt in the laundry, but like any other wool it WILL shrink if it's washed or dried on a hot setting. (But it is SO nice!) Cascade has superwash varieties of their 220 and 128 wool, but the same caveats apply. the Cascade yarns are "splittier" in my experience as well (especially the 128, which is a bulky weight)

All of the acrylic yarns (that I know of) are machine washable/dryable, and they're usually pretty durable. How easily they split is mostly a function of how they're put together. If you take a strand of it and roll it between your fingers and it doesn't start coming unplied (un-twisted-together) it'll probably stand up pretty well to the abuses that lead to splitting. (That's actually true of yarn of any fiber content.)

"Fuzzy" yarns don't so much split as get the floof hung up on your needles. That's just as irritating, but doesn't do any actual damage.

A lot of folks here are partial to Caron Simply Soft, which I've used, and didn't hate but thought it split pretty easily. (But then, I may not be the best benchmark for splittability.) Red Heart has some smooth-finish yarn that's hard to split, but I've never been fond of the texture -- at least not for anything I'd wear. Plymouth Encore isn't too bad for splitting and can be machine laundered (I have some boot socks made of it that don't get any special treatment and hold up fine despite the 25% wool content).

The only cotton yarns I've used were Cotton Ease (a cotton blend I think) which splits if you look at it wrong, and Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. The Plymouth was less prone to splitting, but certainly not immune to it. Both have the laundering characteristics of cotton, meaning they'll shrink (and subsequently grow) but don't require a lot of delicate handling.

Off the top of my head that's all I can think of, but that's not anywhere CLOSE to an exhaustive list. I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses from the more experienced in the crowd.

Good luck!
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