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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Well some will split if you look at them sideways....

I meant using a larger needle for the yarn weight, like 11 with worsted or something. If you used a superbulky, but had a tight grip on the yarn, I could see a 17 splitting it.
I'm not sure if this qualified as super bulky or not, but it wasn't exceptionally tightly spun. But to be fair, it really wasn't the yarn's fault that I was able to harpoon it with a needle right out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (well... it would've been if it were made of wood anyway). I had become accustomed to ramming 8's through Fantasy Naturale (in black naturally), and 6's through... practically anything. But when I skewered a strand with something the size of a Mk 48 torpedo, I was positively stunned. It takes real talent to do that.

Fortunately the yarn in question was pretty forgiving and didn't seem to hold my transgression against me. Of course, this WAS the spiral lace cowl I made for my daughter in common law for Christmas that looked SO SIMPLE (YO, k2tog, repeat until comatose). But it was, in fact, fiendishly difficult even you screwed up JUST ONE TIME. Luckily I had an honest to Bob Yarn Jedi Kninja Master on hand to bail me out.
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