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Possibly the MOST hilarious knitting/crochet blog ever
Maybe this is in the wrong place, so feel free to move it if it belongs somewhere else.

In searching for patterns a few days ago, I got directed to a blog called Handmade by Mother (so you d*mn well better wear it!). Now I know that knitting and crochet has become a whole subculture of its own, but who knew there were knitting comedians? The author has transcribed "vintage patterns of yesteryear" and inserted in them her own commentary, sometimes by way of explaining a particularly badly written section, but mostly for comedic effect. Very comedic.

Of course if you actually wanted to make a ladies ski mask that looks like the love child of George A. Romero and Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, you could do that. (Begs the question ... why??) But mainly, it's a look back at what our forbears used to spend their spare time knitting. And apparently gramma had a freaky side.

WARNING: This blog is a dangerous time sink! (Enjoy!)
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