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Originally Posted by italiangal50 View Post
I am looking for yarns that do not split and is machine washable and dryable, can someone help me? thanks
I'm sorry, we've digressed from your original question. What are you making? Do you want inexpensive yarn or do you have in mind a project for which you will buy something nicer? I use a lot of Red Heart Super Saver and have recently found that my WalMart now carries Red Heart With Love which is softer but still doesn't split too easily; when knit it has a sort of velour feel to it. They're both worsted weight and go in the washer and dryer. Caron acrylics (I'm looking at a Caron One Pound right now) don't split too easily with the right size needle but tends to fuzz up more when washecd and dried. Still, I use it.
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