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Originally Posted by mojo11 View Post
Red Rum! Red Rum!!

Oh, if you think that's bad, check these guys out! I imagine this is what these kids were threatened with if they didn't wear their musical sweaters. (((shudder)))

The links are pretty easy to do, in fact the editing window has a button for it even. Just click and drag across the text you want to use for the link, then click the button with the globe and the chain and when it asks you for a URL type (or more likely paste) the address in the box and Bob's your uncle, a text link! Alternatively, you can use the BBCode and do it the hard way. You can see examples of it if you hit the "Go Advanced" button under the reply window. (Assuming the thing you're replying to has a link in it of course.)

That could explain why some kids red rum their parental units?

Yeah, I think I got the link thing figured out.
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