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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Or maybe you can't anyway; it came up a couple weeks ago, I think Jan asked about it, but I don't remember if the site can embed them or not.
Somebody embedded a video recently (tubular cast on). It appeared to embed correctly, but I didn't try viewing it so I don't know if it actually worked.

Somewhere (I think in your profile settings) you'll find a check box that allows you to enable HTML, and you may have to have that checked in order for the embedding code from YouTube or wherever to work. there's also a YouTube button on the toolbar (I just now noticed that) which might be how you go about it. (Probably is... these people think of everything, huh?)

Images are easy enough, next to the Globe/Linky button is a button with a picture of a picture... that's what you'd use for photos and so forth.
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