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Abilene Cardigan
I love challenges and working out patterns, but I'm truly stuck on the body part where I'm starting the 'Yoke.' After I did the 'body' I left the yarn attached as per stated to do. My sleeves are done & set aside. Here's the next step~ Joining Row: (RS) K 40 right front sts, pm (I have the 40 sts & done the knitting). Knit 56 sleeve sts, pm. (OK, this is where I'm stuck. After I knitted the body, I was to have 40 sts for front, 86 sts for the back & 40 sts for front). I did the BO correctly on the body, so where am I to pick up 56 sts? Do I make them? I've tried just the knitting, but then the back is wrong and I backed out. I'm at the BO & trying to rationalize where the 56 sts are to materlize. Any help would be just so much appreciated. The entire instructions are as follows: Joining Row (RS): K 40 right front sts,pm, k 56 sleeve sts, pm, k 86 back sts, pm, k56 sleeve sts, pm and k 40 left front sts (278 total sts).
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