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What pattern are you using and can you link to it? You should be able to post a link now. What weight of yarn are you using? Doing socks in worsted weight the first time is a good idea IMO as it's easier to see what you're doing and you have fewer stitches to frog if you mess up. You will end up with a warm pair of thick socks that you just might be glad to have. I wear my first pair when it's cold and they make great slippers. Knitting one at a time for learning might also be helpful, I don't think I did but I'm not sure and I can be a glutton for punishment. Here are some links you might find helpful.

Silver's Sock Class
Lifestyle Toe Up Socks This is where I learned to do socks. No swatching needed!
You didn't specify which cast on you used. This video uses Judy's Magic Cast On (Starting Toe Up Socks) which you may or may not have used, but she shows how to knit into the stitches which is pretty much the same as with any cast on.
Toe Up Socks - 1st Round She shows Judy's Magic Cast On and what to do next. Seeing more than one video of the same thing can sometimes be good. Judy's Magic Cast On is the most common for videos I think but there are others and some people prefer them.

Socks can be fun. Enjoy! Be sure to post any questions you have.
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