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They look funny but since they fit my feet, that's to be expected. I have done better, I don't know why I had so much trouble keeping tension even and with laddering.

They feel great! I worked the top ribbing on *I think* US 000 needles. The set came with 000, 00, 0, and 1, I think I used the smallest but I'm going by how they feel in my fingers as I've nothing to measure them by except each other. After the smallest needles for the ribbing, the sz 0 seem absolutely huge! I've not been switching much between skinny, skinny needles and my usual 8 or 9 sizes because it's just so awkward to readjust. I discovered a dropped stitch which I think contributed to my different stitch counts on the heels and picked it up with a crochet hook and secured it on the inside. I was not...I repeat, I was not...going to frog that sock! Warm sox is warm sox after all and I'm not entering them in a beauty contest. I leave near perfection to those who can achieve it.

I look forward to seeing the other SIP (socks in progress) when they're done. Happy knitting!

Oh yeah, US sz 000 dpns should be classified as "hazardous to my health." These little skewers take some getting used to. I lost count of how many times I poked myself with them, and actually ended up with a small cut on my middle finger of my left hand. Mora for mel: When knitting with very sharp, skinny, double pointed skewers, be carefeul and wear a bandaid!
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