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your are correct, weighted blankets are used to increase prioceptive feedback in people with sensory processing disorders. My son used to sleep great when I could swaddle him or side-lay him in a wedge. Now that he is so mobile he wakes 3-4times night and on his own in the crib will only nap 30-45min. If I keep him in an Ergo carrier or within arms length of me, with my hand on him, he sleeps for hours. A weighted sleep blanket should never exceed 10% of body weight so his would only be btwn 1.5-2lbs. The weight would be spread over a 12" x 16" square. My thought was to figure a way to attach it to his sleepsac so that he cannot wiggle under it, yet still be comfy if he is on his back or rolls to his side.
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