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Thanks, Carol. They're Lion Brand Sock-Ease one ball makes a pair (and it does) 75% wool, 25% nylon. I didn't reinforce the toe or heel, that's new to me and I was already past the toe when I read about you doing it. I'll want to know what you used, did you knit double strands, etc. but I'm sure that can wait. I'm not ready to start my next pair yet.

I learned a few things. I think the ergonomic needles contributed to my laddering problems. I prefer the short row heel I worked before over Fleegle heels, adding the stitches for the Fleegle heel made it more difficult which may be attributable to the needles, but I don't like the shape as well and can't say it feels more comfortable. Next time I will try the Sweet Tomato Heel. As for the waffle rib, if I do it again for the sock top I will probably go down a needle size when I start it and will do a few more rounds of stockinette first.

How's the argyle coming along?

ETA: I missed the Eunny video intarsia lesson post. Sounds good to me. If you can learn what you need for $4 it's almost a steal! I bought the first season and have only watched the first two episodes. I really want to watch them all, I'm sure there is lots to learn.
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