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Re reinforcing, I've used wooly nylon, and I've used laceweight Kid Seta. Yes, you just hold both strands together. The reinforcing strand is so thin, you shouldn't notice much of a difference in fabric thickness. Both came out great. In some pairs where I reinforced the heels with woolly nylon, the toes have already worn out, but the heels are holding up just fine. Lesson learned.

I think you're going to love the Sweet Tomato Heel. It makes a very natural-looking deep cup for your heel.

I haven't started the argyle yet, but I did watch the video. The technique makes a ton more sense now that I've seen the demo. I'm going to watch it again and then make a practice argyle cuff in worsted before I try it on the actual socks. I'll try to take some closeup pics of the process and post them.

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