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Each sock gets its own ball of yarn OR you can use the outside and the inside of one ball. After you cast on one sock toe (I used the magic CO), you let the yarn dangle, pick up new yarn and do the same cast on again. Next, turn your needles so the points face to the right, pull out the needle tip in the back, and you're ready to begin knitting the sts on the front needle (call that side A). So, knit side A of sock 1, then side A of sock 2 (don't forget to drop working yarn of sock 1 before moving to sock 2). When you finish side A, adjust your needle tips so you can knit side B. Knit side B of sock 2, then side B of sock 1 (remembering to change working yarns in between. You will keep working around like that, doing whatever increases your pattern says to get the shaped toe you want. The toes, side by side, should look something like this:

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