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Beautifully done and she looks absolutely beautiful wearing it. Your perserveance paid off well.

The trick when making something for someone is to say, for Christmas, for your birthday, for whatever, but do not specify a year. Then when it's done before next Christmas or 3 years from now, you're still on schedule. Honestly, why do guys need these things spelled out? This will be perfect for playing hide and seek with a little one, either her own or a niece or nephew or whomever.

One of my most frustrating projects to date was a triangular shawl from the garter stitch dish cloth pattern knit on the diagonal where each row has a yo on one end. That thing was a nightmare and I so detest correcting mistakes in garter st since the knit side flips with each row. I finally decided I am not starting over again, did it to the good-enough standard and convinced my daughter she needed it and bless her, she got it out of my sight! She said she'd use it when she takes the dogs out at 4 a.m. and that somehow seems fitting.
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