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Originally Posted by purpleldy1 View Post
I have been using a reusable cloth shopping bag. I am starting to be called the bag lady at work, since I walk into work with my knitting bag, lunch bag and my purse. I am looking for a knitting bag that might combine a knitting bag and a purse organizer, I take my knitting everywhere. It needs to be large, I currently have 6 projects going on in my bag. If you have suggestions I am all ears. If it is a pattern I have a friend that quilts and sews that I can trade homemade bread and other baked goods for sewn items. If it's on a website please post the link. I am willing to go up to a $100 if it is sturdy and will last me a long time.

I can relate to that comment.
I always bring a project to my dr's appt.
I had an ophthomologist appt a few months back. I had my purse and a bag with my project.
He always walks patients up to the receptionist desk to make follow-up appt.
When he was done examining my eyes, he said "okay I will see you in a yr. Let's grab your luggage and I'll walk up front with you."
I when he said that.
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