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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Check this link. There are other things mixed in but there are a few tights patterns. I think some have feet. If you've knit socks adding feet shouldn't be a problem. I hope we get to see what you make. If I make some, I promise that if I post a photo I won't be in them. Well, maybe my feet and legs.

Thanks for the link! I also asked Bruce Weinstein if he had any and although he doesn't, he found this pattern at Ravelry... I could NOT find one there. I feel a prize idiot but that's no biggy... just makes me wonder about my brain cells diminishing. Actually though, now that I look closer it does begin with numbers instead of the word 'tights' so there's some hope yet.

I love Bruce's book: Knits Men Want. It's awesome. I just finished making the hoodie for my husband and he loves it.

We may start a new wave of knitted tights. With all the weather going haywire all over the place one never knows when a few pairs of them will come in handy.

I will be sure to post pics when I get them done. First though, I have to get some more yarn. This pattern calls for two strands of sock or one of sport I would guess, but all I have right now is worsted. Gotta go shopping. The one you sent me the link for yesterday, I love but I don't do Etsy. I used to, until someone there took my identity and used my debit card to buy a bunch of music mp3's and overcharged my account. It was a horrible mess but they did catch the woman and my account is ok, yet, I still have that 'no Etsy' attitude. I was quite sad when I realized I was so close and yet ... I can't bring myself to buy there anymore. One selfish person can really mess things up for others.

Anyway, can't wait to see your feet and legs... lol

I was wondering about putting feet in them, too... I've started socks a couple of times but never finished them. I just started working with double points and haven't gotten to love them quite yet. I did buy some very short circulars just before Christmas but haven't tried them out yet either.

Soooooo.... next Monday I'll get some yarn. I'm just going to use solid color sport weight myself. All colors!
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