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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Socks? I love socks! DPNs? Only if I must. I do socks on magic loop. The last pair I made I used dpns for the very top ribbing on the cuff. I used U.S. sz 000 dpns and the vampires that draw blood would have been jealous of how easy it was for me! LOL I'll be more careful if I use those skewers in the future.

I'm actually considering cotton worsted and trying a pair of tights, maybe they'd make PJs. I figure if I start at the bottom and work up, then increase as needed I can figure out from reading a pattern how to shape the top part; I have some thoughts that include short rows; maybe stirrups at the feet too. We'll have to see how bored I get maybe. The thought of wool tights for me is not pleasant. My GD was wanting me to knit her shorts for ballet to keep her hips warm but I've not done it yet. There are patterns for shorts, if you started with one of them you could just make the legs a lot longer and work decreases. You could make a 'seam' in the back even. I think you've helped create a monster here, now I'll probably have to do a pair just to get them out of my head!

I'm sorry about your etsy experience. That's pretty crappy. I've never bought at etsy but hear enough stories like yours to make me leery of lots of sites.

As for finding patterns at ravelry, some days I think it's a crap shoot and it will work for anyone but me. The same goes for googling;

Any excuse will do for buying new yarn. You actually have a legitimate one.
~ GG

Cheating is an option. . . . Cheaters never win and winners never cheat, but smart knitters who want to retain an iota of sanity do, cheerfully. ~~Kory Stamper
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