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Hi and welcome!
This one ways a new one to me but I tried it on the needles and it's just possible to do. I slipped the first 2sts to the right needle knitwise and then inserted the right needle into the 3 yarn overs and knit them together. Then I slipped the first 2 knit sts which were sitting on the right needle over the st made by knitting the 3 yarn overs together. To purl into the 3 yarnovers I picked them up with the left needle and purled into them. In the end I had 2sts on the right needle in place of the original 2sts.
The hardest part is knitting into the 3 yarnovers. You need to keep them loose. I wonder if there isn't an easier way to achieve the same effect? Would a single yarnover work just as well and give a less bulky stitch? Can you link to the pattern?
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